Friday, July 11, 2014


It's TV awards season! Yesterday was the nominations for the 66th Primetime Emmys. And Like always i was front and center in front my computer watching the broadcast. I'm not sure why they don;t televise it, but what's Lol any who everyone i wanted to be nominated is and here's my thoughts and predictions on some of my favorite categories :-)

Lead Actress In A Drama Series

Michelle Dockery                        Claire Danes

Robin Wright                               Lizzy Caplan

Kerry Washington              Julianna Margulies

Now you already know my pick

Now it's not because I'm a HUGE SCANDAL FAN! I actually missed all of season 3...yes i know what a season not to watch! However based on WOM( word of mouth)  and full detailed accounts on social media it was amazing!

But i'm making this pick based off of last years SNUB and her competition. Dockery & Margulies i don't see it. Caplan not this time around as her show just started. Daines might not have a chance as HOMELAND was kinda Blah this season as Brody os now dead :-) her real competition is Wright. She took home the Golden Globe so that's her biggest competition. But i'm hoping the Emmys learned from last years horrible mistake.

I Will RIOT! 

Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

Lena Dunham                     Melissa McCarthy

Edie Falco                               Taylor Schilling

Amy Poehler                     Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Another Obvious Pick

It's Amy's  !@#$ing TIME!!!!! This is her 4th nomination for Parks & Rec and this is the shows last season. More than enough a reason i feel. Plus her Golden Globe win should give her the slight edge!

Yes Julia is right at her neck and Taylor right under that but i'm hoping she comes through!!!!

Now On the the Hard Categories

 Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie

Jessica Lange                           Sarah Paulson

Helena Bonham Carter              Minnie Driver

Kristen Wiig                                Cicely Tyson

Now this is hard. Sorry Kristen & Minnie. It's  Cicely & Helena are up again the Coven Mother-daughter Duo. 

Helena was the best Liz Taylor I've seen and Cicely just won the Tony for playing the role. But this year it could go to either Lange or Paulson . They both really brought it on Coven..PERIOD!!! But they might just give it to the Legendary Ms. Tyson which I wouldn't mind! :-) 

Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie 

Frances Conroy                           Kathy Bates

Angela Bassett                         Allison Tolman

Ellen Burstyn                              Julia Roberts

Sorry ladies of drama. this one is for the wicked &  EVIL. The women of coven yet again reigned this year. However this will be tough 

Myrtle Snow what a character full of depth fashion and catch phases for days. Every character Madame Conroy takes on it's amazing ...BALENCIAGA!!!!!!!!!!!

But these 2 are the kerosene pajamas ( like cats pajamas but for HELL purposes Lmao) Kathy Bates & Angela Basset were the best next to Fiona evil ass. They brought their own unique & already amazing niche to their characters as they both hated each other. I would LOVE a Tie!!! But this is what i want to see

Angela Bassett as voodoo queen Marie Laveau holds the severed head of Kathy Bates as Madame LaLaurie for Entertainment Weekly cover shoot

Angela basset For the Win! :-)

Guest Actress In A Comedy Series 

Natasha Lyonne                             Uzo Aduba

Laverne Cox                                      Tina Fey

Melissa McCarthy                        Joan Cusack

Now this is a hard one for the Emmy warden.Only because it's between 2 inmates who both deserve to win early Parole

They both represent 2 different aspects. Laverne is now the spokeswoman for the transgender community. The fact that she's the 1st transgender to be nominated is a win in itself. with that being said


I'm rooting for Uzo!!! Crazy eyes is a character that we've never really seen on TV (Netflix is TV NOW!) She's bet !@#%$ crazy but she's smart as hell and has a heart of gold. She's already won a critics choice award so this might be her way out!

Well everyone be sure to check out the EMMY's August 25th On NBC at 8PM ( yea a Monday weird right! ) & The Creative arts Emmys where they give away the Guest spot Emmys before the regular broadcast. They haven't announced the air-date but  I'm sure to post it when they say so

Friday, April 25, 2014

RupaulsDragRace Season 6 Ep.9 + 10 Catchup!


 So I was behind only 2 episodes Luckily. so this is where I'm at after being caught Up!

Now Last but Never least RuPaul's Drag Race . Oh how My favorite reality show/Monday Night KiKi is getting down to the wire! I was so sad to see my girl Trinity k. Bonet Leave.She did a complete 180 ( not a 360 she had it in her! lol) and opened up! But Her Runway was sickening & she's in my book as one of the FIERCEST Lip-syncers in #Herstory Now Props to Miss Adore Delano!!! She heard Tamar Braxton-Herbert STAY & FIGHT! Lol Those last 2 Lip-syncs,Crazy! It was kinda Sad to see Joslyn Fox go too. Silly,Quirky & Loved to show that body hunny! Wonk! Wonk! So Now Top 5 with Adore is My 2 Favs The Bianca Del Rio & BenDeLaCreme ,Miss Australia Courtney Act & The Shady Dame Miss Darienne Lake That's all RuPaul Lol #RuPaulsDragRace

FREFALL Season 2 Premiere Review


Now On To Freefall,First off, I love the fact that Ray is the MAN & providing. Nico needs to Remember what Ray did for him Lol Then my Cam,..Really girl Lol This 360 transform. I know he's having his moment of "Doing Me" but i dunno However I am glad Chad seems okay even though he still with dude that left him in M.I.A. But he's not alone so Hey! Now the only ones I'm wondering about is Trouble Tony & Xavier. They're both kinda quiet except Tony as usual lol Oh and If Mr. Gangsta Tyson done got himself a baby, oh lawdy. what he gonna do with a mouth to feed and who's that girl? lolI will wait to talk about This new Troubled Cop Saleem till i see more, but he's suspect Lol OK that's all i got Mr.Lamont PierrΓ© & Cast Lol #TeamFreefall #FreefallArmy

FINDING ME:THE SERIES Season 2 Premiere Review

 Finding Me:TheSeries

 So here we go Finding Me the Series lol Great season openers. I feel for Tammy. That Hospital scene,Miss. Miste RoulΓ© Ryals Kudos! Poor Omar can't catch a break. Losing Kyle & now this foolishness.. I'm praying for him & Reggie's crazy ass too.And while Mr.Morris is dealing with his stuff,Faybien runs back to Lonnie ugh lol .Good To See Derrick Briggs though:-) .I really do like Greg & Kelly.They do go together. I can tell Ryan Boyce Drake will be bringing the laughs again! Oh...Tammy sister....BITCH!!!! She's lucky because she wouldn't have been talking to me like that OH NO MA'AM And That's all i got for you right now Roger Omeus Jr & CAST Lmao #FindingMetheSeries

My So Called TV-Life

So working overnights are a Drag(segway Lol). So sometimes I'm not able to catch up on lets say SCANDAL (Sorry Kerry I still Love IT & YOU!!!) . I unfortunately let that ship sail away season 2, because everyone would have posted what happened by time i got to work so what was is the point Lol So I'm usually destined to things that are either on demand-able and not talked about during or right after as much. So these are my 3 top shows right now. A reality show, A Black Drama & Black Gay Crime Drama. Interesting choices Right???

1. Rupaul's Drag Race Season 6

 With what was months of agonizing waiting to see who the cast was. they finally released a sickening trailer and then we anxiously awaited an extra month to what turned out to be an intriguing season. Full of some very dare i say FISHY QUEENS ( i never say that phrase ever! Lmao) With the 14 contestants split up on Days 1 & 2 Then the remaining 12 to meet on day 3 Yikes! It was Awesomeness. Grateful Ru did something different. But It's been filled with the usual catty drama INTENSIFIED and some really genuine Great Warm Gay Moment! :-)

2. FREFALL Season 2

One of My Favorite New Web-series of last year has returned and with some interesting plot twists , changes, and some new characters lurking including a undercover cop. Which is leading me to believe this season Mr. Lamont Pierre isn't playing games! After a successful fundraising campaign they're back and look forward to the brighter/darker future!The Characters has really progressed even from a lil vacation in M.I.A which completely & realistically lead to the season finale which had soo many questions


This one is another web-series i love, also because i have some personal investment in it ... well sort of. If you recall i mentioned last year i was to be on it :-) But due to some scheduling issues at the time i wasn't able to do it :-( However I'm not one to Bow out gracefully i still support the show and it's movement. The way last season ended was in crazyness. Now coming back for season is Intense from only 2 episodes. Peoples lives are changing for the better or worst. Grief, Loss, 2nd chances, New Beginning, Unanswered question & relationships. All that :-)

And with that being said, you can see why i stick with 3 :-) For Now! Lol so I'm about to get into their progress as I've missed some episodes but I'm now caught up!!! So Here We Go.....

Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy New Year! & End Of 2013 Recap


As it's already into 2014, sorry i missed the celebrations and things.Let's give a end of 2013 recap. I last pasted about Kerry at The Emmy's. Well since then she has lost at the Golden Globes & The SAG awards :-( I don't Get It! Anywho 12 Years A Slave is Sweeping Awards season and is so close to winning and Oscar on March 2. I know Miss Lupita Nyongo is going to win. Sorry JLaw!

So The rest of 2013 for ME was pretty busy. I wasn't booked like Kelly Price, but i managed LOL

 Friends , Family, ETC
 Well November was Mister's 30 Again Birthday party which was AWESOME. All his peoples came... Like Everybody(including my brother & sister in law)  It was a good Birthday his 30 didn't quite go well due to sandy and things of that nature. But it was a good time for him and i was Happy!

Thanksgiving I got to see my cousin Jannelle who i rarely see as she's in the Military. She's a newlywed since March( Her wedding was Great! )

and it was good to see her and she's moving to Nashville which is local compared to some of the places she gets based. so i gotta try to get to see her sometime soon

Christmas was cool. Actually the Family Came by us this year(which never Happens) which was a nice surprise. Sooo Much Food to my hearts content. As they came over Christmas eve & Christmas. It was really good to chill with my cousins by me. We had a good time as usual.

NYE was soooo Chill!. So much to the fact that it was Pops in his Bed. Mister, Our Trini HOmie Jaael & Our Gurl Maurice came through. WE just chilled ate & drank. It was a nice time.A quiet nice way to bring in 2014. I had my Popeye's like i wanted and i was good to go! :-)

Me, Myself,& I 

I just finished my first semester at Lehman College, I'm now pursuing my B.F.A. In Multimedia & Performing Arts! (sounds fancy right Lol) It wasn't in my plans it just kinda happened courtesy of an awesome tour & descrip of the plans of a new theater program

While in my last semester at BMCC one of the theatre professors had approached us that Lehman College had interest in us. So me and some of my class mates went to a tour of the school (it ended up being my friend Kenny 1 and were both there now)  , and we were sold. So i got in for the Fall semester :-) Which was okay as i unfortunately had one class (which was a doise child lol) Play Analysis which i passed (Thank You Jesus Lol)

And that's pretty much it in a sense